The property management software that helps you overcome chaos

Simple operations and customized data allow you to stay in control and grow!

Reach the next level with a management software that does the work for you.

Uncover innovative solutions that meet your industry’s needs.

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Property Management Software

Discover Hopem Property management softwares

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A turnkey software that’s adapted to real estate

Our efficient software empowers you to reach your goals.

Facilitate processes such as:

  • Financial management

  • Tenant experience

  • Report generation

  • Maintenance management
  • Building management

  • And much more

Jump ahead by adopting our software solutions

Devoting your time and talent to making strategic decisions and seeking opportunities is very lucrative. Of course, you know this, but it’s impossible to concentrate when you’re always in reaction mode.

You need an integrated and collaborative property management software solution that is specifically designed to simplify your day to day.

No in-house software management tool can provide you with the level of organization and tracking required to be in complete control of your business.

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Discover how Hopem can help you!

  • Centralize your operations

    A connected team working in synergy is an efficient team. Centralized data gives you access to your information from anywhere at any time!

  • Stay in control

    You shouldn’t always be putting out fires. To be proactive and make informed decisions, you need to see the bigger picture.

  • Attract and retain responsible tenants

    You manage much more than buildings; you manage living environments. Go beyond your tenants’ expectations—anticipate their needs and offer them the little extras that make all the difference. Stand out by innovating and revolutionizing the real estate industry.

Hopem, the Quebec leader in management software design

Over the past 40 years, Hopem has developed cutting-edge expertise in property management software designs. Our software is intended for managers who want to be in complete control of the means to improve their performance.

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in property

management software,

400,000 doors

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largest software


The ambitious managers’ choice

Property management leaders trust Hopem’s integrated solutions.

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Our game plan for simplified rental management

When you’re caught up in administrative chaos—making avoidable mistakes and feeling overwhelmed—opportunities slip through your fingers.Fortunately, our solutions match your ambitions and our game plan helps you achieve them.

Tell us your daily challenges and goals; together, we’ll assess your management software needs.

We’ll offer you solutions that enable you to create your ideal software ecosystem.

We’ll take the time to train you and support you in the implementation of your new software ecosystem so that you can make the most of it.

Without the right tools, your real estate portfolio profitability decreases.

Save time and money by using software that is designed to help you control the chaos.

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Property management: Your questions

Property management is a branch of management that deals with real estate, among other things, properties and buildings. It includes property, rental and real estate management, as well handling leases, rents, and rental contracts. Property management is an everchanging business.

There are numerous free rental management software, such as Rentila. Free software is typically basic and will not meet all your needs. Working directly with a professional software ecosystem—that keeps pace with your needs—is, without a doubt, more efficient.

Here are some of the criteria to consider when choosing property management software:

User-friendly Make certain that the software is simple to use and navigate so that you are not spending hours figuring out how it works.
Flexibility Make sure the software offers the flexibility you need to manage your properties. For example: If you have apartments, the software must allow you to manage multiple types of units.
Features Make sure the software offers all the features you need. For examples: If you want to generate financial reports, the software must offer this type of functionality.

By carefully comparing different real estate software, you will discover which one meets your needs.

It is a software that allows companies to effectively manage their daily activities. This software can perform a multitude of tasks, such as helping businesses manage their inventory, track payments, and invoice customers. Some property management software also enable building owners to supervise their properties online—not only convenient, but helps save time and money.

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