Hopem: A Challenging Career, a Welcoming Work Environment, and an Inclusive Community!

You don’t want to be a simple pawn in a huge company, but you also need challenges and the knowledge that you can evolve?

A career with us is what you need!

What is the Perfect Work Environment for you?

Here, we rely on a friendly atmosphere where team spirit and mutual aid reign.
More than just a job, it’s a fulfilling long-term career that awaits you at Hopem!

Which Career Path will Allow you to Reach your full Potential?

Which of these three (3) descriptions best represents you?


Do you like the world and solving problems? Your place is in Customer Service or Professional Services. The atmosphere is one of mutual aid and the team spirit that reigns there is strong. Among colleagues, we appreciate and support each other! Our customers will also be grateful to you because you will provide answers to their questions, solutions to their problems and you will allow them to use our tools to their full potential. Whether it’s helping them on an ad hoc basis with a service request or assisting them with the implementation of our software solutions in their business, service is key.

This is an opportunity to develop great relationships with your colleagues and customers!


Do you have good interpersonal skills, are you attentive to your clients’ needs and do you have a sense of negotiation? How about putting those skills to good use within our sales team? You will work for open-minded leaders who will encourage you to take initiative, achieve your sales goals and surpass yourself! In addition, you will be able to reconcile work and personal life at your ease.

A career in sales at Hopem is the first step towards a successful and satisfying career. In addition, you will work with golden colleagues!


Are you organized, you manage your priorities well and you make sure to deliver impeccably? If you are meticulous and have ambition, the technical department will allow you to learn the secrets of the trade and climb the ladder. 

Join the technical team and take the road to realizing your full potential!

To be Happy at Work, Rely on Hopem’s 4 “O’s”!

At Hopem, we create software that makes it easier to manage Quebec rental properties so our clients can focus on their growth. Our mission: to support our clients by developing effective management tools!

Learn more about the values that motivate Hopem

Now that you know how our Customers Recognize us, Discover the 4 « O’s » that set us Apart Internally:

Openness to your uniqueness:

At Hopem, we believe that it is the skills and unique personality of each and everyone that make us strong! We therefore believe that it is essential that you are comfortable being yourself at work.

Openness to your interests:

Do you want new challenges? Tell us about your ambitions and interests. Nothing gives us more pleasure than to see members of our team evolve and progress with us!

Openness to your reality:

To be productive in the office, you must first and foremost make yourself feel good about yourself. Balancing work and personal life in a healthy way is a priority for us! You have a life, that’s good, so do we!

Openness to laughter:

To want to go to work, you must enjoy it. We encourage our teams to laugh and make room for humor daily. A fun work environment is a healthy environment!

At Hopem, we Take Care of our People!

Several benefits:

  • Dental
  • Optometry
  • Medical
  • Active living program
  • RRSP program
  • Employee assistance program
  • Share purchase program
  • Maternity supplement for the first six (6) weeks
  • Personal leave

Remote work almost 100%
of your time.

Recognition in all
its forms.

Opportunities for growth
and advancement.

Options for a better balance between
personal life and work.

Combine your Universe with ours and Enjoy!

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