Hopem Creates Software that Facilitates Quebec Rental Property Management so you can focus on your growth


It’s only when they have time to focus on growth that property owners and managers can become leaders in their field. Our management software helps them move from reactive to proactive mode, allowing them to grow in line with their ambitions.

Hopem Simplifies Owners and Managers’ Day-to-Day Operations


Improvised tools make life difficult for owners and managers. Our property management software has been designed to simplify daily operations, reduce the risk of errors, and avoid oversights. We believe that by providing a management tool adapted to the of property owners and managers’ reality and domain we help improve their daily activities.

Years of Expertise

Hopem Supports Quebec Property Owners and Managers in Their Growth


By simplifying their day-to-day operations, we allow hundreds of property owners and managers to focus on their growth. Our software solutions allow them to free up time and focus their energy where it matters most. We offer them a clear overview that helps them anticipate their customers’ needs, make better decisions, and fully assume their role as leaders.

Our Values

Hopem also fully assumes its leading position in software solutions design. Thus, it does not just follow the evolution of the real estate market, but innovates, to remain at the forefront and exceed your expectations.




A Quebec Company that has been Innovating for 40 Years

In 1985, Hopem accepted the challenge of developing software adapted to the management of buildings located mainly in Quebec. It wanted to offer solutions suited to the province’s reality and legislation. It is from this project that Hopem was born!

Since then, the team has been enriched with experts in analysis, implementation, programming, and customer service, to extend the evolution of our property management software. This has allowed us to solidify our leading position in the real estate industry since 2012, by offering solutions to manage all challenges encountered in this area.

In 2013, Hopem added management tools designed for senior’s residences owners and managers. These aim to optimize the performance of staff working in their residence(s), by allowing them to assess the residents’ autonomy and provide them with appropriate care.

We now serve Quebec, Ontario, Western Canada, France, and Belgium’s market.

Now bringing together more than 50 employees across the province, located in our Quebec City, Montreal, and Rimouski’s offices, Hopem continues to evolve its software suites.

A Subsidiary of Harris Computer

Hopem is a subsidiary of Harris Computer Systems, a company providing versatile, turnkey software solutions to over 100,000 clients and business partners.

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