About Hopem

The property manager being at the heart of our offer , we support our customers in their growth by providing innovative software according to the needs of their industry

Our expertise is recognized for both residential and commercial real estate as well as for retirement homes management. Take full advantage of thousands of property management professionnals.

Our property management software is based on our customers experience in the field of property management and the know-how of our team of specialists in software development.

Whether you are a property owner or a property manager of one building or of a large property portfolio, Hopem has a solution for you.

At Hopem, our values are the core of our corporate identity: Innovation, Leadership and Reliability.


Hopem is a subsidiary of Harris Computer Systems. Harris seeks to provide versatile and turnkey solutions at all levels of local government, water and electricity utilities as well as schools across North America. The company employs 4500 industry experts and supports more than 65000 customers and business partners.


In 1985 in an ironic twist of events, a first customer to contact so that we would develop a software solution that would manage his properties located on Quebec’s territory. It may have been sheer madness to accept such a challenge for only a few hundred dollars but that is how Hopem started out.

As time went on, Hopem’s team expanded by adding analysts, programmers, implementation consultants and customer support agents who are developing and improving our property management software for more than 30 years now.

We currently serve Quebec, Ontario and Western Canada’s markets. We are constantly on the lookout for new business opportunities..

In 2012, a team of specialists working in the asset management industry further solidifies our position as an industry leader. Our solutions help manage all the growing challenges of our industry.

In 2013 we added care management products for our residence managers. This enhances our offer to evaluate the residents’ autonomy (SMAF), to provide adequate care (SyMO), and to optimize the skills of your staff working with residents.

Au cours de l’année 2013, nous ajoutons pour nos gestionnaires de résidence pour aînés des produits de gestion des soins. Ceci bonifie notre offre permettant d’évaluer l’autonomie des résidents (SMAF), de prodiguer des soins adaptés (SyMO) et d’optimiser les compétences de votre personnel œuvrant auprès des résidents.

In 2016 Hopem integrates Agile methodologies in its development process. The important values ​​of this method encourage interactions and collaboration with customers and help them adapte to changes.

Hopem innovates also by creating new  applications focused on customers. These applications allow the delivery of value-added online services for property managers. Hopem remains the leader in a constantly evolving industry.

Hopem has over 50 employees working among our Quebec, Montreal, Boisbriand, and Rimouski’s offices. Some of them have more than 25 years of experience in the industry.