Unlock the full potential of your data

Primmo is a software solution that manages an incredible amount of your data. Why not use this data to optimize your property management?

Discover Primmo’s Extractor Module

This module allows you to access the vast majority of the data tables of your Primmo software, to select the ones from which you want to extract the data and to choose which ones to use. Any extraction can then be saved as a model in order to be able to repeat the operation, standardizing the results obtained. Once everything is extracted, you will have an Excel file with which you can immediately analyze this data. No data cleaning will be required in Excel.

This module allows :

  • Substantial time savings in the creation of your various management reports

  • Harmonisation of your extractions for standardization of reports

  • Simplification of your staff reports updating, thus facilitating the delegation of this task

  • Efficiency gains and monetary economy

Online Training :

Two video options are available to you to learn more about this module: a descriptive capsule which summarizes what the extractor module is as well as a training capsule, allowing you to be quickly autonomous with this module. Viewing it is strongly recommended before using the module.

We also offer, in the form of a mandate, the skills of our professional services team to work with you on optimizing your extractions in relation to the results you want to obtain for your management report needs.

Example from a client :

One of our clients, in the field of senior residences, uses a rental report for management purposes in Excel, which he updates weekly. One of his rental employees must take half a day to prepare this report for all of its residences. With the extractor, he just has to run the extraction models that are already configured, and paste the extracted data in the data tabs of his management report in Excel. Since his management report always analyzes the same cells in the data tabs of his Excel file, he obtains his rental management report in a few minutes. The saving of time is major and the risks of errors are greatly reduced, because human manipulation is reduced to a strict minimum.

As you will see from use, this extractor module will be very useful for you to extract simple lists such as all email addresses with the name of the associated tenant, for mass emailing to these tenants or to feed your advanced management reports which require some data extraction to automate your management metrics calculations.


To purchase this module, simply contact your Hopem representative.The activation of this module is done on average within 24 hours.

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