Food Service Management Software

Save time, increase your income, and manage your different food services more efficiently.

Hopem offers you a software solution that has proven itself in seniors’ residences, other establishments and other establishments offering food services.

Start reducing your costs and optimize your kitchen management efficiency!

The Dashboard that Increases your food Service Profitability

Hopem offers you software to ensure better control over all your management operations.

Calculate the nutritional values of your recipes, plan work tasks, manage inventories and orders, follow the energy and nutritional needs of residents, effectively control your portfolio. You can do all this, and much more, simply by centralizing your data in powerful software.

Treat yourself to a personalized solution that brings you concrete results!

travailleurs en gestion de services alimentaires

More productive employees

Satisfied Customers

Better financial performance

Kitchen Management
Your food service and nutrition management tool

Dining Room Management
Your electronic wallet solution

Software solutions to improve your organization’s performance.

Reduce food loss and increase your management operations efficiency with features such as:

  • Nutritional values calculation;

  • Order management;

  • Resident files management;

  • Work task scheduling.

You then obtain a better return, and your customers appreciate the services received even more.

A complete and fully configurable electronic cash system to maximize your income.

Efficiently track all your establishment’s food financial transactions with features such as:

  • The self-service mode;

  • A complete electronic cash system;

  • Meal coupons management;

  • Point of sale accounting.

Our solutions allow you to speed up service, reduce the risk of billing errors and optimize all your processes.

A Tailor-Made Software that Accompanies you from the Kitchen to the Table

We offer you a solution perfectly adapted to your reality and your needs.

Tell us about your situation and we will offer you a tailor-made solution that will give you full control over of your food services management!

Food Management Software that Helps your Kitchens run Smoothly

Food service management, electronic cash register system, nutrition labelling and clinical nutrition management: get all the features you need to optimize your kitchens food process.

Simplify menu Management and Increase your Customer Satisfaction rate

With just a few clicks, your employees will know which dishes to serve to residents. The software makes it possible to compile all the health data of the clientele, such as energy, protein, and nutritional needs. This data then makes it possible to offer a menu adapted to each of them.

Get a Better Return on Investment for your food Services

  • Maximize productivity with centralized data that allows equipment to coordinate;

  • Implement food policies;

  • Reduce food purchase costs;

  • Eliminate meal coupons;

  • Generate accurate expense reports.

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