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These areas may be different, but they have some similar needs: effective maintenance, proper hygiene and sanitation operation, and organized management of service requests. It is by offering solutions to these needs that Hopem has become a reference well beyond real estate management.

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Hopem celebrates its 35th anniversary

  Hopem celebrates its 35th anniversary! It is not because the planet is in confinement that we should not celebrate great milestones. Indeed, on April 17, 2020, Hopem is 35 years old. We are proud to be your partner of choice since the 1980s. We may not be able to host a major public event at this time, but this is only partly postponed. On the other hand, nothing prevents us from celebrating virtually throughout the year with you. On the menu: promotions for several of our products, new services, training webinars and much more. Everything will be communicated to you during the year. You will have the opportunity to participate, with us, in this important milestone of our existence. Discover Hopem's history In 1985 in an ironic twist of events, a first customer to contact so that we would develop a software solution that would manage his properties located on Quebec’s territory. It may have been sheer madness to accept such a challenge for only a few hundred dollars but that is how Hopem started out. As time went on, Hopem’s team expanded by adding analysts, programmers, implementation consultants and customer support agents who are developing and improving our property management software for more than 30 years now. We currently serve Quebec, Ontario and Western Canada’s markets. We are constantly on the lookout for new business opportunities.. In 2012, a team of specialists working in the asset management industry further solidifies our position as an industry leader. Our solutions help manage all the growing challenges of our industry. In 2013 we added care management products for our residence managers. This enhances our offer to evaluate the residents’ autonomy (SMAF), to provide adequate care (SyMO), and to optimize the skills of your staff working with residents. Au cours de l’année 2013, nous ajoutons pour nos gestionnaires de résidence pour aînés des produits de gestion des soins. Ceci bonifie notre offre permettant d’évaluer l’autonomie des résidents (SMAF), de prodiguer des soins adaptés (SyMO) et d’optimiser les compétences de votre personnel œuvrant auprès des résidents. In 2016 Hopem integrates Agile methodologies in its development process. The important values ​​of this method encourage interactions and collaboration with customers and help them adapte to changes. Hopem also grows by acquisition. Everything is always done with a “investing and growing” approach in the companies it acquires. Through these transactions, we have been able to meet the needs expressed by our current customers, in addition to developing new vertical markets. Hopem always works to remain the leader in the industries in which it is present and remains in constant evolution. The company now has more than 50 employees working in offices in Quebec, Montreal, Boisbriand and Rimouski. Many of them have more than 25 years of experience in the industry.

COVID-19 : Rest assured! We continue to support all of our customers without interruption

Dear Client, We continue to follow developments about the COVID-19 situation in Quebec and around the world. We know that you probably are worried. That is why we want to reassure you. All Hopem software will remain functional and the entire team will remain available to provide you with the necessary assistance so that you can continue to use all of our products without any interruption. Please note that only our physical locations will be temporarily closed. So that there is no confusion, here is all that remains open and operational: Customer service Technical support Sales department Remote Training Sessions and Webinars Any meeting that can be done remotely Know that you remain our top priority and that is why we are determined to offer you all the assistance you need to get you through this situation with the minimum possible impact. For any questions regarding one of our software, we invite you to contact our customer service at (800) 363-9049 or by email at support@hopem.com For any questions regarding this communication, we invite you to contact us by email at info@hopem.com Wishing you all a good day, The Hopem Team

COVID-19 : Message to all our clients

COVID-19 : Message to all our clients Dear Client, As Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues to spread - we need to do our part as responsible citizens to enhance the safety of our employees and the communities in which we live and work. We have recommended that our employees who have the opportunity to work remotely, to do so starting March 16. Our main priority is to keep providing you with the tools you need and the service level that you expect. Our Customer service remains open and available for all support requests; We try to limit the travel of our employees to a minimum and thus encourage remote interventions; Our team of professionals remains available to train your employees and carry out your implementation projects; We offer alternatives to our customers such as online training and remote installation to continue daily operations. For any questions regarding one of our software, we invite you to contact our customer service at (800) 363-9049 or by email at support@hopem.com For any questions regarding this communication, we invite you to contact us by email at info@hopem.com Wishing you all a good day, The Hopem Team

Welcome to our new website!

Hopem's website is Getting a New Look! Hopem is launching its new website to offer a user-friendly experience more suitable to our current and future customers needs. Completely redesigned according to the image of the company and with its customers at heart, Hopem’s website offers a powerful and ergonomic platform, new features, and adaptive design, no matter which device you use. Therefore Hopem’s new website  offers easy and quick access to all products and solutions for all business areas in which Hopem is active. Must-sees of the new Hopem Website: New graphics A complete redesign of the website to provide an intuitive platform with inspiring design that will bring a unique digital experience to its users. A Website Designed for Users A tree structure revisited and information reorganization to help you find the information you need in a few clicks. Navigable at all times Being aware that the internet community logs in on a daily basis from their cell phone or tablet, the new website offers its users an adaptive interface with the same efficiency whether on a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone. Business Units Integration Hopem’s new digital platform now includes all the company’s business units like Hopem’s real estate management software suite as well as GES Technologies, Servox, ProMenu and Abak 360 software. In the coming months we will continue the evolution of our new web platform by adding market news, offering our new products, services, and features to offer you the most current and most relevant platform! We would like to thank all our employees and collaborators who made this project possible, we are very proud of the work that was accomplished! Please visit our website at: www.hopem.com Thank you! Hopem's Management

Hopem adds the UseWalter tenant portal to its portfolio

Hopem adds the UseWalter tenant portal to its portfolio On September 15, 2021 HOPEM as a division of N. Harris Computer Corporation has signed a buying and selling shares agreement with GOLO Mobile which is doing business under “Usewalter." The company is known for its SaaS-based smart building technology that improves the experience for property managers and residents. Although the transaction must be formalized at the extraordinary meeting of shareholders of Golo Mobile inc. which will take place on October 19, it is with great enthusiasm that the Hopem team would like to quickly make this announcement to you. The addition of the functionality contained in Usewalter software to our Primmo property management software is great news for all of our customers. Rest assured that we will keep you informed about the benefits for you from using these new application features which adds to our already attractive portfolio of solutions. To learn more about the transaction, here is the press release. Best regards! Dave Marcheterre, MBA Executive Vice-President

Hopem is constantly evolving, here are the main new features

It is with renewed pleasure that the Hopem team presents the main improvements and new features of its April release! It's a known fact, Hopem has been supporting all your property management needs for almost 40 years and our team makes sure to make your flagship software evolve. All this, to allow you to better invest your time and energy in doing what you do best: serving your customers! The update includes 42 improvements and novelties distributed in the different modules of the software suite, our team has identified the most important ones that will make your daily life easier: Data extractor: we have added an option allowing you to produce the financial data of your Balance Sheet or your Income Statement; Ledger: renumbering your companies-division is now child's play thanks to our new utility; Residential - Service Codes: Yes, I do! When changing the General Ledger number, you can now adjust the General Ledger number of all tenants with this service; Commercial: you will no longer be able to delete by mistake a tenant, a lease, a building or a room that had transactions in the current year, we have added protection to save you hassle; Parking space: no more searching, the indoor or outdoor parking indication is now available; Payroll: it's not a range of employees you need, it's being able to select them from a grid, it's now done! Enjoy and take advantage of these developments!

2022 Spring Promotion

We are delighted to count you among our customers. Take advantage of this offer available until May 20, 2022! Contact us now! Get 1 month free applies to what will be activated during the promotion if your Primmo software is paid monthly OR Save 15% Your Primmo software is paid for by license and annual service contract, get 15% off on the following options:   Doors in residential Primmo       Additional licenses or new module       Square feet in commercial Primmo


A professional mobile app that helps you manage the entire tenant experience.

No Security Breach at Hopem

No Security Breach at Hopem Dear Customers, Many of you must have heard about the Log4shell (Apache Log4j) security vulnerability discovered in the last few days. As a result, several websites have had to be shut down globally due to this situation. We want to inform you, but above all to reassure you that the Hopem software that you use is not at risk since it is not coded with this programming language. Please know that Hopem remains alert and does everything in its power to ensure the security of these applications and their data. Best regards,   Audrey Thibault Customer Service, Director

Starting in 2022, the electronic signature arrives to your favorite property management software

Starting in 2022, the electronic signature arrives to your favorite property management software Indeed, during the month of January 2022, Primmo will integrate the eZsign electronic signature solution. Gone are the days when you had to get your tenants to sign a paper lease or notice of lease renewal. With the eZsign solution, the process is quick and easy: A secure email is sent to your tenants They can sign all the necessary elements on the lease or on the notice of lease renewal electronically The final document is returned to you (along with a copy to your tenant) Thanks to the partnership with Hopem, all this information goes directly to Primmo. It is estimated that in more than 80% of cases, this whole process takes less than 24 hours. Plus, it's an easy way to keep track of all communication, without having to rely on a paper filing cabinet. Discover and Register for eZsign here Want to activate this offer? Simply click on the Discover and Register for eZsign here button and you will be taken to the registration page. Once everything is complete, you will be contacted to open your eZsign account. This will be integrated into Primmo during the month of January 2022. If you are already an eZsign customer, you must go through the same registration process in order to modify your account to include the integration with Primmo.

Discover the new Extractor Module!

Discover the new Extractor Module This new module allows you to access the vast majority of the data tables of your Primmo software, to select the ones from which you want to extract the data and to choose which ones to use. Any extraction can then be saved as a model in order to be able to repeat the operation, standardizing the results obtained. Once everything is extracted, you will have an Excel file with which you can immediately analyze this data. No data cleaning will be required in Excel. Discover the new webpage dedicated to the Extractor Module Learn more about this module thanks to this video (in french, english is coming soon)  

The eZsign electronic signature has legal value in Quebec

The eZsign electronic signature has legal value in Quebec Many of our clients have asked us about the legal value of an electronic signature. Rightly, we understand them: why replace the bailiff's fees with the electronic signature? Is it too good to be true? No! The Tribunal administratif du logement confirmed this: English translation, original message in French: «The law requires proof of receipt, not proof of sending, but it does not specify the means of sending. The sender must choose a means of obtaining proof of receipt by the recipient. The law does not specify a way of transmitting notices, it is a matter of sending and receiving by the right person. You can send the original: - by bailiff; - before a neutral witness; - by registered mail; - by email, with acknowledgment of receipt or proof of receipt;(exactly what eZsign provides) - in person. Ask for a signature (this will serve as an acknowledgment of receipt) or give the letter to that person in front of a neutral witness. - Any other method that provides proof of receipt.» Discover eZsign here It's not too good to be true, eZsign is recognized as a solution with legal value for your communications with your tenants. Save on your bailiff or registered mail costs and switch to eZsign now!

HOPEM has acquired ProMenu

Terrebonne, April 23rd 2018 – HOPEM, a N. Harris Computer Corporation (Harris) division, is proud to announce it has finalized the acquisition of the ProMenu company, a business specialized in the conception, implantation and support of clinical nutrition as well as kitchen and dining room management software.ProMenu has been operating for 20 years and has distinguished itself by the quality of its products and customer service. With this acquisition, ProMenu, an already well-established brand present in 155 facilities in the Quebec province and 11 in New Brunswick, joins our products portfolio. "We foresee good business opportunities within our customer base for our SIRPA line of products dedicated to the seniors' residences market, as well as our customers in the healthcare sector. In fact, we already have some customers in common among the CISSS/CIUSSS and seniors' residences", said Mr. Joël Villeneuve, Executive Vice-President for HOPEM. "We are very proud of having built an enterprise with the notoriety of ProMenu in its respective markets. We have been able to attract Harris's attention through its HOPEM division, and we are convinced that our software solutions, our employees and especially our customers will prove sustainable in this new environment", said Mr. Daniel Côté, President of ProMenu.About ProMenuProMenu was created in 1998 with the contributions of nutritionists from seven establishments within the Québec healthcare network. Today, ProMenu is present in the healthcare, education, hospitality and seniors' residences industries. Our educational partners network, comprised of ten institutions at the university, collegiate and professional levels, is our guarantee of a qualified succession. With its passion for this constantly evolving domain, its creative customer base and faithful partners, ProMenu is alway looking out for new solutions for its current and future customers. Passionnée par ce milieu en constante évolution, une clientèle créative et des partenaires fidèles, ProMenu est toujours à la recherche de nouvelles solutions pour sa clientèle actuelle et future!About HOPEMSince 1985, HOPEM has been developing integrated management software for residential and commercial property owners / managers as well as seniors' residences. With over 800 owners / managers in the Quebec province using HOPEM's computer systems for their lease management, accounting or care management and planning, HOPEM positions itself as the leader in management systems dedicated to this market.For more information:Dave Marcheterre, Director, Sales and Marketingdmarcheterre@hopem.com

HOPEM Signs a Strategic Partnership with Domum Link

Montreal, October 19 2017– HOPEM is proud to announce the signing of a strategic partnership with Montreal based company, Domum Link. A fully integrated sync between the two platforms will be available, benefitting real-estate operations and tenants alike. This exclusive agreement will allow HOPEM to market Domum Link’s cloud-based property management solutions. Domum Link provides a cloud-based portal, accessible by management and tenants, with the goal of facilitating the quality and speed of communication. Employees and tenants can easily create maintenance requests, which can be tracked and updated via email, text, phone call and push notification – ultimately keeping everyone informed. Domum Link offers its clients an immediate suite of solutions to traditional inefficiencies of property management, offering a superior rental experience for everyone involved. Domum Link also provides tenants the ability to pay their rent online via credit/debit card or Interac® Online. In addition, the built-in marketing module has been proven to help management lease their vacancies quicker and more efficiently. PRIMMO x Domum Link Integration Client information will securely sync between HOPEM PRIMMO and Domum Link in real-time, maximizing the interaction between both platforms while eliminating double entry of data. About Domum Link Since 2014, Domum Link (domum.biz) has provided building owners and property managers (residential & commercial) a bilingual, cloud-based software to manage maintenance requests, online rental payments, vacancy listings and much more - all in real-time. Domum Link is based in Montreal and is currently working with property management operations of all sizes across Canada. About HOPEM Since 1985, HOPEM has developed integrated management software packages for residential, commercial and retirement homes property owners/managers. Quebec’s property owners/managers use HOPEM’s computer systems for their lease management, their accounting management as well as for their health planning. For more information: Dave Marcheterre, Vice-président, ventes et marketing dmarcheterre@hopem.com


Proximity has been designed to allow relatives of your residents to stay informed of their treatment plan as well as to be able to communicate with your establishment, while reducing the number of calls you receive.


Primmo Residential is an advanced property management software which makes managing your leases much easier.


Software suite making care management, work routes, and vital signs reading, easier.


The iSMAF software enables you to do your residents’ functional evaluations.

xPill PRO

The xPill PRO suite is the only platform offering a secure electronic access, in real-time, to the medication list in a resident’s file.


Our ProMenu solution is dedicated to optimizing the food services of your establishment by including the management of service, nutrition and nutritional labeling.


Diligence software is the perfect combination of a Point of Sale (POS) system and an electronic wallet.