Centralized and Mobile Asset Maintenance

Computerized maintenance management tools designed for you!

MAINT software suite, from GES Technologies, is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). Complete and accessible through an Internet browser, it lets you schedule your preventive and corrective maintenance work.

MAINT also allows you to track the labour and material costs required for your maintenance work. Various analysis reports support the decision-making process with regards to your equipment and real estate portfolio.

The functionalies of these modules are oriented towards the efficiency of maintenance department users and managers.

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  • Improves the efficiency of your service departments
  • Reduces the average time allocated to interventions
  • Reduces emergency response work and overtime
  • Reduces procurement and storage costs
  • Extends the equipment useful life

The MAINT Software Suite Allows you to:


The MAINT Mobile application is part of the MAINT Software Suite. It allows you to access your work orders from any mobile device, whether from a tablet computer or a smartphone.

With MAINT Mobile, your maintenance team can track work orders right on the premises without printing out paper. This way you improve your efficiency and ecological footprint!

Your maintenance team managers can directly access ongoing fieldwork and track priority requests.

The MAINT Mobile module allows you to:

  • Manage preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance work
  • Access your work orders from a tablet computer, a smartphone or a personal digital assistant (PDA)
  • View, assign and close work orders
  • Enter the time allocated for labour and work
  • Allow access in real time or in a stand-alone mode (database in local mode)