Commercial Financial and Lease Management

Advanced Property Management Software for your Commercial Portfolio

Primmo Commercial Management software allows you to manage your rental unit portfolio quickly and effectively so you can focus on property management accounting functionalities, business relationships, and tenants services.

Fully integrated with all accounting systems Primmo Commercial is a leading lease management software. The rented spaces are invoiced based on: occupied spaces, revenues, common expense allocation, and all the other costs imputable to the tenants; including rented spaces on a permanent or temporary basis without a lease.

Leases renewal, tenants’ waiting list transfer, termination of the lease, common expenses allocation and indexation, calculation of interests, automatic database update, rent increase according to the CPI, are all billing features supported by the software.

Reliable, flexible and user-friendly, you may add different modules such as: parking management, project management, payroll and accounts payable management, and service calls management

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Discover the Extractor Module by clicking here

The new extractor module allows you to access the vast majority of the data tables of your Primmo software, to select the ones from which you want to extract the data and to choose which ones to use. Any extraction can then be saved as a model in order to be able to repeat the operation, standardizing the results obtained. Once everything is extracted, you will have an Excel file with which you can immediately analyze this data. No data cleaning will be required in Excel.

Primmo Cloud now available!

Our Primmo software is now available in Cloud version. This means that you now have the choice between using Primmo installed on your computer equipment in your offices, or between using Primmo, online, without requiring new computer equipment on your part.

Comparative Table

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Data Location

Responsibility to perform backups

Responsibility to install updates

Possible Type of Remote Connection

Software Uptime

Initial Fees

Recurring Fees

Recommended Work Environment

Data Sécurity Guaranteed by Hopem 

Infrastructure Investment Cost

Energy Cost


On your server in your offices

The client

The client

Via a Secured Network (VPN)

Client's Responsibility

Deployment Fees

Monthly Fees

Microsoft Windows

Primmo Cloud

On our entirely secured servers

Via Any Internet Browser

99,9% Uptime - 24/7

Deployment Fees

Monthly Fees including Hosting

Microsoft Windows, Apple OS or Linux 

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Our approach towards implementation has significantly stood out in all the projects carried out to this day. The main comments highlighted by all the management boards for which the solution was implemented have been: meeting deadlines, no cost overruns, and the renewal rates.

Less Data Entry

Better Control on Revenues and Expenses

Easy Access to Data in Real Time

More Informed Business

Property Management Related to your Accounting

Efficency Gains from your Team

Improved Management of Service Request Calls

Simplified Reporting


Reliable, flexible and user-friendly, add additional modules to the Primmo Commercial software to make it an even better property management tool.