Food Service Management

The food safety of your residents, our priority

Discover our software solutions and let’s discuss together of a strategic approach to improve the performance of your organization! Whether for a hospital, a long-term care establishment, a cafeteria, a caterering business, a school or an educational institution, we have solutions that suit your needs.

Food Service Management

Nutrition Labelling

Clinical Nutrition Management


Services Specific to ProMenu:

Data conversion and custom development

You have a computer system and would like to switch to ProMenu without having to redo the data entry? You have several systems and do not want to duplicate data entry? You want a customized feature made just for you? Whatever your needs, our business analysts and experienced programmers have a solution for you.

Project management, process analysis and improvement plans

  • What is the recipe for success for an IT project?
  • Review the processes before starting, to use IT to its full potential.
  • Clearly define the goals, the work involved and the needs.
  • Establish a realistic implementation schedule.
  • Make a weekly monitoring schedule and ensure that the plan is followed.
  • Communicate effectively with stakeholders throughout the project.
  • Whether before, during, or after your project, we accompany you every step of the way to ensure the success of your investment!

Remote control and data entry

Need a turnkey project? You lack the resources to complete your project in a short timeframe? You would like us to pilot your ProMenu installation for you?

We have what you need! Our dietary technicians and dietitians have unique field experience and can perform installations in a record time.