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Hopem offers a wide range of software packages facilitating the management of your properties. Our different suites of products allow you to coordinate all management activities related to your buildings.

Our Products


Primmo Residential is an advanced property management software which makes managing your leases much easier.


Propre software suite combines the necessary information to manage works pertaining to your different premises’ cleanliness and healthiness.


A professional mobile app that helps you manage the entire tenant experience.

2022 Spring Promotion

We are delighted to count you among our customers. Take advantage of this offer available until May 20, 2022! Contact us now! Get 1 month free applies to what will be activated during the promotion if your Primmo software is paid monthly OR Save 15% Your Primmo software is paid for by license and annual service contract, get 15% off on the following options:   Doors in residential Primmo       Additional licenses or new module       Square feet in commercial Primmo

Hopem is constantly evolving, here are the main new features

It is with renewed pleasure that the Hopem team presents the main improvements and new features of its April release! It's a known fact, Hopem has been supporting all your property management needs for almost 40 years and our team makes sure to make your flagship software evolve. All this, to allow you to better invest your time and energy in doing what you do best: serving your customers! The update includes 42 improvements and novelties distributed in the different modules of the software suite, our team has identified the most important ones that will make your daily life easier: Data extractor: we have added an option allowing you to produce the financial data of your Balance Sheet or your Income Statement; Ledger: renumbering your companies-division is now child's play thanks to our new utility; Residential - Service Codes: Yes, I do! When changing the General Ledger number, you can now adjust the General Ledger number of all tenants with this service; Commercial: you will no longer be able to delete by mistake a tenant, a lease, a building or a room that had transactions in the current year, we have added protection to save you hassle; Parking space: no more searching, the indoor or outdoor parking indication is now available; Payroll: it's not a range of employees you need, it's being able to select them from a grid, it's now done! Enjoy and take advantage of these developments!