Property Management: The Best Management Software

Discover Quebec’s best professional property management software.

Our property management software organizes, manages, and interprets data to simplify the property owners and managers of daily operations who want to be in full control of their management.

Centralize and simplify your operations with a rental management tool to grow to match your ambitions.

The Rental Management Software That Provides an Overview for Property Owners and Managers

A centralized and collaborative solution that allows your team members to work in synergy no matter where they are.

You don’t just manage buildings, you manage finances, work, tenants, employees, and suppliers. To ensure the smooth running of activities related to your real estate portfolio, you need an overview of your assets.

Our rental management tools provide tremendous support for property owners and managers!

Meilleur logiciel immobilier au Québec

Property Management: A Tailor-Made Software Solution

Simplification and automation for more efficient management allowing you to focus on your growth.

To get out of the administrative chaos, you need property management software adapted to your reality. This reality is not necessarily the same for all property owners and managers.

Tell us about your needs and we’ll suggest the software and add-ons needed to create the right software ecosystem for you.

Stop paying for features you don’t use.

The Professional Property Management Software That Enhances Your Business Performance

Lease management, work management, accounts payable and accounts receivable, tenant’s experience: combine all your building management activities with our software suite.

Financial Management: Control Buildings’ Financial Elements

Financial management is an integral part of your property management.

To put owners and managers back in full control, our property management software helps optimize processes related to rental property finances, such as:

An overview of your finances allows you to make strategic and profitable decisions.

  • leases and renewal notices management

  • the rental income statement’s profile

  • better control of income and expenses

  • rent collection

  • invoices and payment automation

  • the reduction of costs inherent in the processing of checks

  • supplier and customer accounts effective monitoring

Works Management: Plan the Maintenance of Your Buildings

Stop putting out fires!

There is indeed a software suite that provides you with all the elements you need to make certain improvements, implement certain changes, and monitor maintenance costs.

Tenant Management: Improve Your Tenants Experience

By paying special attention to the human beings living behind the doors you manage, you can provide them with a quality experience. This will make it easier for you to attract and retain tenants.

Provide Top Quality Services

  • Schedule preventive maintenance

  • Plan for your buildings maintenance

  • Manage service calls efficiently.

Being able to plan the maintenance of your buildings properly protects your investment in addition to increasing your tenants’ level of satisfaction.

Start tracking and planning your building stock maintenance effectively and get a head start.

Our software solutions make it possible:

  • live chat with tenants

  • virtual concierge service

  • package tracking

  • file classification

Create value for your tenants and stand out in the world of rental management by adopting a proactive strategy.

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