CHSLD Care Management

Software suite designed to optimize the work of caregivers in the home care and home services sector

SyMO software suite allows you to support your staff’s mobility during their home visits. It also offers a paperless work organization right until they get to the patient’s home.

This software lets you support the new work processes and the clinical staff’s mobility. It provides a better planning of different types of interventions with patients, and simplifies communication among the different professionals.

The “LEAN” project improves the efficiency, effectiveness, accessibility, quality and continuity of services. Many studies have already shown the significant effects of such project on service organization. The deployment of the software is part of a context of optimization of care and services.

The most important scope is definitely the set up of an intervention dictionary and an intervention plan templates directory (PI/PII/PSI).

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SyMO Software Suite Includes:


  • Reorgantion of the processes that increase the staff’s efficiency and productivity
  • Improvement of care quality and continuity leading to less hospital returns and overcrowding in emergency rooms
  • Standardization of professional practices and care adjusting
  • Information management based on patients’ needs to eliminateduplication and give real-time access to information
  • Improvement of accessibility to care continuums involving an increase of the direct time allocated to patients