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You’ve been hoping for a long time to generate your own forms, so we’ve been working hard to get you this feature!


In order to allow you the smooth transition, we offer you a series of forms and then, it’s your turn to play!


Next steps

  1. Request the update and follow the training on the version
  2. Start using the new mode of operation
  3. Take the training on creating your own forms and practice
  4. Smile and relax, you are now a pro!


  • It is possible to include photos and/or vital signs in custom reports
  • There is no longer any dependency on Internet Explorer in your favorite care management software since this browser is no longer supported by Microsoft
  • It is now possible to use doctor, pharmacy and first five responders in reports and forms
I want to schedule my SyMO 2022 update!


Various improvements have been made to the detailed report, it now takes into account the change of units and keeps the service change history of an episode.

Print it when you need it!