The eZsign electronic signature has legal value in Quebec

Many of our clients have asked us about the legal value of an electronic signature. Rightly, we understand them: why replace the bailiff’s fees with the electronic signature? Is it too good to be true?

No! The Tribunal administratif du logement confirmed this:

English translation, original message in French:

«The law requires proof of receipt, not proof of sending, but it does not specify the means of sending. The sender must choose a means of obtaining proof of receipt by the recipient. The law does not specify a way of transmitting notices, it is a matter of sending and receiving by the right person.

You can send the original:

– by bailiff;

– before a neutral witness;

– by registered mail;

– by email, with acknowledgment of receipt or proof of receipt;(exactly what eZsign provides)

– in person. Ask for a signature (this will serve as an acknowledgment of receipt) or give the letter to that person in front of a neutral witness.

– Any other method that provides proof of receipt.»

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