Hopem’s website is Getting a New Look!

Hopem is launching its new website to offer a user-friendly experience more suitable to our current and future customers needs. Completely redesigned according to the image of the company and with its customers at heart, Hopem’s website offers a powerful and ergonomic platform, new features, and adaptive design, no matter which device you use. Therefore Hopem’s new website  offers easy and quick access to all products and solutions for all business areas in which Hopem is active.

Must-sees of the new Hopem Website:

New graphics

A complete redesign of the website to provide an intuitive platform with inspiring design that will bring a unique digital experience to its users.

A Website Designed for Users

A tree structure revisited and information reorganization to help you find the information you need in a few clicks.

Navigable at all times

Being aware that the internet community logs in on a daily basis from their cell phone or tablet, the new website offers its users an adaptive interface with the same efficiency whether on a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone.

Business Units Integration

Hopem’s new digital platform now includes all the company’s business units like Hopem’s real estate management software suite as well as GES Technologies, Servox, ProMenu and Abak 360 software.

In the coming months we will continue the evolution of our new web platform by adding market news, offering our new products, services, and features to offer you the most current and most relevant platform!

We would like to thank all our employees and collaborators who made this project possible, we are very proud of the work that was accomplished!

Please visit our website at: www.hopem.com

Thank you!

Hopem’s Management